Sunday, August 7, 2011

MyPa vs TPS Turku Live Stream - Finland Veikkausliiga

Watch MyPa vs TPS Turku Live Stream. MyPa are going through their best period of Veikkausliiga. They picked up maximum points that could start thinking about the fourth position instead of down. There strickers decent team and class MyPa Votinov carried over can occur.

GST is on the opposite side of the tide. Despite the fact that up table, their game is not convincing at all and the results come with difficulty. Aaritalo and Kuqi is a match for one of the attacks in the first 2 sides, but the rest are lots of boys at school. We prefer to go for the team as it stands better here than focusing on the surprise.

Three of the TPS of the most influential players were in the national team on Wednesday - Extreme House Lehtovaara and Johansson. Their condition is ok, but it is a defeat for the TPS, especially the offensive power, as Aaritalo and Johansson are the best in this line. TPS coach Marko Rajamäki MyPa's been two years, so he should know the strengths of the team - and Votinov Kolljonen make a couple of dangerous strikers. The two sides cancel each other out, and at the end of it all.

Injured: Tuomas Aho, Anttilainen Sasha, Antti Okkonen and Pele Koljonen

Injured: Lomski

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